Consulting sessions include assistance with topic exploration, literature review development and organization, research design and methodology, and data analysis.

FREE 1 hour

$75/hour after the first hour


Editing allows me to make any necessary contextual and factual changes to your document. I check for consistency in your writing and the clear expression of your ideas. During editing, I verify sources included in the reference list as well as confirm citations using APA (American Psychological Association). Editing is done before proofreading.

$85/hour (includes proofreading)

$65/hour APA Only (includes citations, reference list, headings, and tables)


Proofreading is the last step in the writing process. During proofreading, I ensure that your document is free from any typos and that there are no grammar, style, punctuation, or spelling errors.

$55/hour (proofreading only)